Project: New Creature for Ark

Whats up folks? I am here today to seek out someone that has some knowledge of the ArkDev, some free time, and the will to make a few bucks.
I am an adult, meaning no kid games. I was going to use the “Contract Template” but most of isn’t applicable to me.

Task at hand:
What I’m seeking to have done is create a NEW dino/creature for Ark.
I have all the .FBX files, animations, materials, and textures.

All that I ask if we come to an agreement is that I personally release the files.
Once the Mod is up and running in Ark, there will be credits for your contribution with links pointing towards some of your work.
I’m sure you may have a few stipulations as well and I hope that we can come to an agreement.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my offer.
Please feel free to contact me here via the forum or my email:
~ LumPy