Project Name Incorrect (In Task Manager)

I’ve renamed my C++ project, however it’s still showing the wrong version in the task manager. It shows packaged .exe is the correct name, and the project name is correct (.uproject).

When the project launches, the loading sceen is correct. When the game launches the window name is correct.

It’s just the name of the project in the Task Manager that is not.

Is there any place I’m missing that affects the Task Manager name of the project?

With c++ project, do you mean at the vs file or your .uasset file?

I wonder how you did change the name of your project because it causes always a lot of problems with the c++ files, since vs builds everything up from unreal and the included project name.

The only way to change a project name without any problems would be to go to your project folder, change the project folder name and the project by itself.

Than go into the config folder and open the defaultengine.ini file and type in the following:

Make sure to change the red marked parts to your own project name.

I followed the steps here:

Here’s someone else with the exact same problem: