Project Mutagen Action RPG With FPS Elements (We Have Progress Pictures)

Hello my name is Brandon and I am currently seeking a few member’s to join our group and bring our project to life, the game is a sci fi post apocalyptic action rpg, with some fps elements, the goal of the game is to traverse a deep abyss on an an alien planet, each floor of the pit acts as new area,

Players will hunt monsters and create gear to go even further into the abyss, each floor will tell a story of what happened to the ancient alien race that left the planet behind leaving behind artifacts that do amazing things, the story will always change and is not important at this stage atm,

We are currently seeking Programmers with perforce experience and unreal blueprints and c++, we current have another programmer that has been working on a online system for past couple of months and needs a hand, the system atm allows for you to create a account and login to create a character, were currently using a third party plugin to connect the server information,

Second we need some 3D modelers that can handle things such as human armors based off monsters, trees and environment models, can texture up to 4k I have some model sheets ready,

Third looking for Level Designer that can craft odd terrain and areas based of drawings of the areas I will soon require from our artist,

That is all for now as the project is still small they only thing Id like to ask from you before you apply is to be committed and willing to improve on current ideas, there will be times were the team can go silent for up to two weeks as some assets take a while to complete, we also ask that provide progress messages once a week and half, if you can be on every day that is fine also as we all work, but once the project receives any funding and you get paid there will be deadlines =D.

All our information is in this link our website is still under construction also, lastly we will be using some assets from the store such as rocks and level based things and some animations (Animations for place holder) as I animate a few times a week and the process takes ages haha, this is because these are royalties free assets that unreal allows with a finished project, if you have an issue with this I ask you not to reply.

Thank you for your time

Digital Forged Studios

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Add some pictures, all our work is in link at bottom.

some concept art on your website are pretty cool.
i’m french composer , still looking for some sc-fi project . Any position open on this field…?

on my soundcloud there’s some of my last work for some OST game .

Hey Dart Frog, of course were actively looking ill take a look at your infomation and portfolio tonight, thanks for the message.