Project Mod Ark "Age and Die" and help with editor

Hi guys,
For an RP server, i need to create a mod with a timer on each Dinos. I want to add a “Life timer” on each dinos, like the Liopleurodon, but a custom one, just after taming.

Is that possible for you ?

I’m new in modding, and i think if make a Dino permanent, it’s possible to do the opposite thing right ? And How ?

I need your help for another problem i have. I can’t open some files in the editor. Like Blueprint, it make “crash” the editor ( No answer in processor) everytime i open them.

Have you a solution ?


You can maybe add a “spoiled timer” as with the meat.

I also believe that the PVE servers have a timer on the dinos when they have not moved for a long time.
Once this timer has passed, the dino is abandoned and everyone can get it back.