Project migration errors

I have migrated the content of a project into another project and I am getting a number of compile errors from the migrated blueprints. I can’t seem to understand why this is happening. Is there is a way to migrate content without getting the compile errors?

Some of the logic inside your blueprint might be dependent on other classes that don’t exist in your new project, hence the compiler errors.

The entire project has been migrated. So any blueprints that depend on other classes would have also been migrated.

Can you post a screenshot of the compile errors you’re receiving?

I do many migrations and generally no errors. I’m working on smaller projects, for example AI only, animation only etc, then I migrate it to my main project, game project.

I have no errors mostly, but what you should know, project settings (and editor preferences) are not migrated. If you had changed project settings - for example inputs, physic settings, ai settings, navigation. Simply, your blueprint can have broken input action - like a crouch or other. You can start with checking project settings in both projects.

Of course other problems can come when you migrate from/to different engine versions - not always, but possible

If you want to migrate an entire project, i’d recommend simply copying the Content folder from one project to another!

I have done this and still get issues. For instance images that are supposed to appear don’t.When I am in play mode and go onto a page that’s supposed to contain an image, the image can’t be seen. The image is in the widget blueprint and the visibility settings are correct.
Its just frustrating when these minor issues appear.

Hi thanks for your reply. I will look into my project settings.

I can solve the compile errors. Its just understanding why they are there in the first place.

Changing project settings around seem to do the trick. Thanks for your advice.

This is only sometimes good way - copying files. Because you can overwrite existing assets, change it. With migration of course too, but you have warnings. Only good way is to have good project structure and know what you are doing :slight_smile:

Good :slight_smile: As I said, I do many migrations and on beginning this confusing me too. I’m glad it works!