Project Matrix - Play as an A.I. and hack stuff in this puzzle game

Hey guys, I present to you one of my senior year solo project at DigiPen, Project Matrix. Project Matrix is a first person puzzle game about hacking which puts the player within a super intelligent A.I… Find out why you were created and what is your purpose. Make use of different hackable devices to your advantage to achieve your goal.

I hope you enjoy the game! Any feedback/criticisms are more than welcome!

  • No Installation Required



This game is fully made with Blueprint.

Below are assets that I made use of as I am no artist:

  • Shooter Sample Project by UE4
  • Top-Down Sci Fi by Manufactura K4


  • No Installation Required


You need save points. Probably auto save when the objective updates.

I could see this on Steam one day.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.
I will post an update to the download link once I get the save system in to allow player to quit and resume the game. (Average complete game length right now is ~15-25min)

P.S. Updated front page with a video.

I played it too! A lot of fun. Have you thought of trying to get this ported for mobile? I can do the art.

I think that idea realy is great :3 But im kinda feelin bad by knowing: im hacking a world in wich innocent people are imprisioned :c

Glad you had fun! Thanks for giving it a try.

As for porting to mobile, I have no plans right now as I am working on other projects. Thank you for the offer though.

Hi SmileyJeff,

Can you post a gameplay video?

Yeap, here is a gameplay trailer I did back when the game was still in development:

Some basic gameplay at
0:00 - 0:47
1:19 - 1:56