Project Map takes too long to save

Can someone help me with the map that I am using. It takes over 20 minutes to save or autosave my map. It is a demo map from a pack I bought on the marketplace. It happens with any map that has a lot in it. How can i reduce the time it takes to save a map?

Does the Map contain ‘Landscapes’ by any chance? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also you need to say something about how its saved.
Is this local HDD / SSD / USB drive / Cloud storage?

Yes, a huge landscape. I am trying to make an open world type map. I am using an external usb. Although its the same when i put it on my computer as well.

Thanks for your help

No easy fix… Suggestion: Compartmentalize the landscape into its own level (isolate it).
Or use a placeholder (meshes), that match the collision, but won’t produce the size issue.
Then only add the final landscape actor back into the level for shipped / packaged builds. :wink:

Are you changing the landscape actor itself continuously or is it fixed? If you’re not working on the landscape every day, then you could try and stream it from a sub-level and just keep everything else in the master / parent / persistent level (watch tuts on YT about ‘Level Streaming’). Either that or use a placeholder and delete the landscape for now (use meshes with close approximate collision). Otherwise you’re SOL (its one of the reasons I gave up on UE Landscapes). But overall, the best solution most devs opt for, is to get an internal SSD (if possible get the one in the UE5 Sony PS5 demo if available). As working off USB isn’t really a viable dev environment. That said, see the TIPS here.:wink:

Thanks for your help so far, i will look into level streaming. What do you mean you gave up on UE Landscapes? You mean you make your own now? The landscape i am trying to use is from a demo project. It has a lot of mountains so it’s not just a flat ground. But i do think it’s a good idea to just replace it with a regular floor for Dev purposes now and bring in the landscape later. I just hope I don’t have any problems because the landscape I want to use is uneven.

Quick tip first: Always click on ‘quote’ to reply, otherwise the other party doesn’t know you’ve posted (when its not their thread). I gave up on landscapes because they heavily drain resources. So, it makes it harder to get them to work on lower-end hardware. Plus, they don’t really offer any interesting / compelling features. For example, there’s no runtime terrain out of the box (despite millions of requests). Plus, there’s no planets / spherical terrain out of the box (even Unity has that).

Instead, I use meshes everywhere, as UE is a beast for rendering meshes even if they’re not optimally instanced (even on lower-end hardware). Landscapes from free Epic demos are particularly heavy on system resources. Something else to consider too that isn’t talked about a lot. There are talented environment artists / creators on here that work on landscapes / foliage every day. That’s raised the bar for everyone else. Perhaps to an impossible level for anyone new trying to match the same quality / look / performance, or simply trying to find a new unique style. If the genre of your game / project requires landscapes / foliage, you’ve no choice maybe. But if you can drop them, then think about it. Or at least explore some of the free / paid Voxel plugins as well, to see if they can get the job done for you instead.:wink: