Project Manager - How you organize your library?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know how you organize your library of assets, materials and textures. Do you use a UE4 project to put your library and after you migrate for your project or you use a project manager, like Connecter (Project Manager software)?

At this moment I’m testing the best away to have my library organized and easy to be usefull.

For example this project manager for 3ds Max:

There is no other software you can use to view .uassets for the above use. Even Unreal itself does not recognise its own .uassets sometimes, lol no option as valid import format in UEd.

Basically the built in content browser windows undocked look almost exactly the same as the image you posted. I have my content browser window setup with all my folders on the left like that and the icons can be scaled up and down in size with a slider just like in that one also. There is really no reason at all to use anything extra.