Project Management

Maybe something for UE5. But an integrated project manager which can track progress of a project and all its assets for one person or a group

Not this hardcore but made me think it would be helpful for any sized project especially if it was a plugin inside unreal.

Why not just use some separate tool?

I like the idea. Very nice for companies, and some groups. You can’t trust nobody know a days for ****.

I don’t think that projectManagement has anything to do with UE. It is a topic of its own. And once there is even the tiniest bit of Projectmanagement in UE, people will demand more of it…which just eats up resources.

Now I understand why Star Citizen development is so expensive if they add such features to engine :wink:
When industry simply relies on tools like Trello, Jira, Excel, TestTrack.

Every UE project needs to be managed to some degree. As a separate tool it doesn’t have access to info on your assets which could be dynamically populated/updated. Could also be used to control permissions and track which assets need to be updated for cloud based collaboration. I’m thinking of just being able to make simple timelines which can track and visualise the sequence of a project and progress of assets, documenting feature/function/bug lists on every level of the project. If people like features and demand more of it i don’t see that as a problem, it’s still up to the devs to implement it. Also as a plugin you could just disable it if you don’t use it. Also, UE makes profit through royalties. Finished projects = royalties.

Just use separate tools to track, because when you are creating basic tool it will make people longing for more and more, and it has no ending to it. UE4 is a game engine.

Proper implementation would be an ending, not complicated. It’s a game engine that also supports perforce for the same reason. Maybe for your use case it would have no benefit.

Version control is a very integral part of the actual concrete development process. Project management is not.

No point reinventing the wheel IMO. JIRA and Hansoft are both very good already (pretty dated, but if it ain’t broke…). Both are also cheap as heck (Hansoft is free for up to five people IIRC).

I’d rather Epic focused on doing things they’re already good at, like making game engines - rather than project management software.


The engine has many holes in the form of bugs, missing features, and under-performing features.
If they focus on adding more things, especially things that are even less integral to the engine itself such as project management tools, 3d modelling and texturing or any other art pipeline tools, etc, the engine itself will never advance at the rate it needs

Hi there, just saw this pop back up and wanted to chime in real fast. It’s unlikely that we’ll be going down this kind of avenue in the future. Epic specializes in game development and engines, but we’ve never done task management software before. I don’t see many of our developers wanting to jump off of a game project to make something like that unfortunately. We’re using Jira and trello for everything ourselves, so there is no real need on our end to use/create anything else.

I wonder if we are interpreting project management differently. Organising a project is not part of the development process? One thing comes to mind, failing to plan is planning to fail.

That’s a shame. In my first post I mentioned this might be a low priority thing for UE5. I guess there is/will be some decent free apps around to do it. I still think planning is important for any project even for a videogame, and syncing within the project is a better solution. Maybe someone will make a plugin to populate a trello board or a spreadsheet from within the editor or something.

Here’s one free plugin from the UE4 Marketplace.

Not entirely what you’re looking for, but you can visually see things in your level you need to address. :wink:

Writing design documents and e-mails is part of development process too. And chatting on Slack is part of that process. It doesn’t matter how you define development process here, it gets us nowhere.
Only important thing is that we have tens or hundreds project management tools available. Many of them are free of charge, like Trello. We don’t this kind of tool in engine - because they already exist.
We need tens of other features implemented in engine, rendering, gameplay systems, etc. Adding PM tool would be waste of time here.

You don’t need UE4 tool to plan properly. You need any tool to add, assign and manage you tasks :slight_smile:

Yeah, Unreal is already too big, let’s keep it focused as much as possible pleased.

Actually this looks pretty good for my case. Pretty simple and useful implementation. Thanks :cool:

That’s a great idea.

I agree, I worry UE will turn into something like 3ds max. Keeping it focused and organised is very important.