Project Management Tools

Howdy all,

As I fall deeper and deeper into Unreal Engine and my projects grow, I was curious to learn how and what you’re using to help manage your projects?

By day I work as a VFX supervisor and rely on a number of tools to help keep projects organized and moving forward. Perhaps due to this, I’ve been reluctant to start working on what will be my first large project as I’m concerned about loosing focus or creating an excessively large project because of bad work flow practices. I know all to well from my day job that bad practices at the start, can cause major problems later down the line.

That being said, how do you guys stay on top and in control?

*Are there any specific processes or software people use when planning a project?

How do people manage their projects during development? Google docs? DropBox? Evernote?

Where and how do teams store and manage assets?

Is there a way to share projects beyond packaging them up and moving them wholesale to another artist to look at?*

I’ve been learning various aspects of Unreal and have dedicated projects for exploring specific tasks like my “Material Sandbox”, and “LightRoom” projects. These along with an “Object Vault” project have helped to keep me somewhat organized and reduce the amount of projects that I ever need to migrate assets from. Migrating is however, still a massive pain in the butt. My kingdom for an asset vault! :slight_smile:

I’m sure however, that there must be a more efficient, productive and better organized workflow, and would love to hear what other people are doing to manage their work.

Thanks for your time,

At the moment there is nothing really as far as out of the box management goes and you have to kind of cook up your own. Not so much an issue with code as it is with content but with improvements to the launcher it’s clear to me that need is in the mix.

For the time being though what I/we are doing, as an Internet based team, is sandbox “everything” in nut and bolts form and everyone on the team keeps their own works safe until Epic solves the problem for us. :wink:

As for source control shouting “BOB DON’T MESS WITH MY STUFF” works for us and sharing is as easy as sending over a project directory. The only real issue is asset duplication but no big deall as we are going the DLC route with environments.

Thanks for the reply FrankieV, seems like theres room for improvement in UE4’s project management.

Glad to hear I’m not on my own.

Articy: draft 2 looks like a really good software. I have never tried it but it looks good.

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