Project Management / Development Consultant

Hey Community,

My name is Anthony and I’m a consultant with a background in multimedia development. Though I am new to the video game industry side of things many of the concepts in project management translate seamlessly. I have spent the past couple of years studying the unreal engine and have learned a lot of the necessary skills and workflows needed to ship a title. My experiences as an Art Director managing teams to achieve our goals is my greatest asset.

What I am looking for in a client is someone who is passionate and serious about making video games as well as being comfortable with taking directive. Also, a client who is not going to waste my time and have an unprofessional attitude. My job is to make sure your project gets shipped and becomes profitable. That is my number 1 goal as a consultant and my second goal is to pass along my invaluable knowledge to you.

If you’re ready to start making progress and get the ball of your project going then why haven’t you already? It probably means you are stuck in 1 of 4 situations:

  1. You underestimated the scope of the project - Poor planning
  2. You are working with the wrong talent - Poor communication
  3. You are not consistent in your efforts - Poor time management
  4. You are making too many changes or additions to the plan - Scope Creep
    or you gave up which is unacceptable.

Time is a valuable asset that needs to be spent wisely and I expect the same mutual understanding of my clients. With that said, when contacting me please be sure to give a full in detail explanation of your project, the actual stage of development you are currently in and what your needs or expectations are. My rates are reasonable and dependent on the scope of your project which I will put in your project’s proposal. Once you email is received, I will let you know.
Next, I will review the documents I have received and decide if your project is viable for my services. If I feel that we would be a good match then I’ll set up a skype interview to discuss further details and perform a proper assessment of your project. Afterward, you will be emailed a proposal defining the scope of the project and my requirements. Once the proposal is accepted then we can start working on the project together.

If you have a question, please feel free to ask me here. Do not email me unless your intention is to do business.

PM me for my email