Project Mahti [WIP]

Project Mahti is a fantasy themed and teambased multiplayer game that has taken a lot of influence from *Natural Selection *and Savage. As a player your objective is to destroy the enemy teams base. Cooperate with your teammates, follow your commanders orders and pick up a correct items and class to help your team to achieve the victory.


  • Commanders that are able to lead other players from RTS-perspective while building base and fortifications to their team while researching technology and magic to overcome the enemy.
  • Up to 64 players
  • Multiple play modes
  • Two confirmed factions
  • Physics based combat
  • APEX-Destruction
  • Multiple different weapons for different roles
  • Magic!
  • Many different spells for different situations: Healing spells to aid teammates in combat, area denial spells to prevent enemy teams movement or maybe you just prefer direct damage and just want to throw fireballs on enemy?

Project Mahti is in early development right now so most features are really crude… but those features are working :slight_smile:
Feel free to follow my progress in



Combat & Hit detection

Commander Mode

Usable items


Looks absolutely amazing! I’m working on something similar.

How many members in your team if I may ask?

Just me at the moment.

Dude, This looks awesome. I really like what you are doing with the combat system.

Subbed to the thread, looking forward to the next updates :slight_smile:

Are these the Landscape Mountain meshes? With the exact same map :smiley: i see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:

Had some UI progress:

Item buy-spawnscreen:

Commander UI:

After First Second

And since I don’t have any proper weapon/armor assets i had to improvise…

I took this breastplate , copy pasted it few times and scaled it down in different axes… And vóila: Ghetto-armors are born! Pic 1 Pic 2

Bonus: First ever matinee trailer-or-something-like-that-scene. Maybe in few months i can actually make a decent one with action and stuff :slight_smile:

Looks excellent great work!

Heya, some updates

Here are some maps that are WIP. General layout and stuff liek that is almost done but still need to break symmetry of maps, fix overlapping models , adjust lightning and stuff like that :wink:

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Also, update some UI and grappling hooks, check em out:

Commander UI

Item buy/spawn/player stuff

Grappling hook:

Old 1 and New 1
Old 2 and New 2

Testing some spells in winter map.
First spell is some kind of meteor that spawns somewwhere on sky and tries to hit whatever player is targeting.
Second is fireball and third is some kind of stonewall. Last spell is some kind of fire beam :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for low quality

Here are some of the classes featured in game:

High res link:

I’ve added new screenshots to my album, check them out

looks reaaaaaly good dude , hell of a job ! You’re doing this alone ?

Suomi perkele

ei mulla muuta

hienoo työtä tosin :smiley:

Thx, working alone.


Heya, its been a while since my last update.
Major changes:

  • Melee combat changed from physics based to vector based.

  • *]This means that the weapon itself will not be performing hit checks. This change allows game to be more fast paced and arcade like .

  • 7 Different classes

  • Knight

  • Cleric

  • Rogue

  • Ranger

  • Mage

  • Berserker

  • Tinker

  • Every class has multiple abilities but you can only have 4 selected at each time. Mages are exception and they can have 6 different abilities.

  • Every class has a melee and ranged weapon by default.

  • Added second gamemode: Attrition

  • Current gamemodes are :

  • Conquest:


  • Primary goal is to destroy enemy stronghold

  • Resource gathering

  • Commanders on both side

  • Technology & buildings

  • Attrition

  • Both teams start with limited respawns.

  • Capturing supply points reduces the attrition.

  • Both teams periodically lose lives to attrition and when units die.

  • Game is won when enemy teams attrition meter drops to 0.


General stuff
Looking for level artist.
Looking for testers.