Project - M01

Hello there,

I’m looking for someone who will join to our team to develop little (just couple of streets, later can be bigger, if there will be time to do it) open world game.
I mark this as “unpaid” but still there is chance to get some profit from this project. When we will finish some playable demo. I want publish that demo and I will give chance to donate for users who will be intereted in it. And all members of team will receive same profit from it (I don’t like s*** like, leader of project will receive 50% and others will receive 5%, no rly f*** it, everyone will receive same amount, so lets say about 10% for all - i don’t know how many ppl we will have in team so I can’t tell exact amount of %)

Project title:
Not decided yet, call it just “Project - M01” for now.

Game will be set to the 1930s. And no you will not play as a hero or something like that. You will play as a mafia guy. From the start you will be “no one”, but as game will continue you will be respected from others from “family” (mafia members). But still there will be some cops (you will kill someone on the street) and others “mafia families” (you will kill some their member) whom will not like what you are doing. So they will try to kill you.
And what is goal in this game? - Control all city (streets) = Kill bosses from other families.
And Don’t worry, I won’t do just missions like “Go there, kill everyhing what will move, kill boss and came back here” I will not spoil my ideas of missions here, I can give you some examples if u are interested in this project.

Team Name:
Zero Arts Softworks

Team Structure:
Me (Project creator)
Programming + Game Design

Creator of sounds/music

Texture artist

Previous Work:
Nothing in UE, just some games “for fun” in unity.

Who we need:

  • 3D Weapon Artist
  • 3D Character Artist
  • 3D Vehicle Artist
  • 3D Building Artist
  • 3D Animators
  • One more programmer can be good, but if you can do somehitng else what isn’t listed here, contact me too I will give you something to do :slight_smile:

In progress