Project Lyra SendGameplayEventToActor not triggering ability on clients even when calling from server

I am using Project Lyra and I have an understanding of the basic networking behind the GAS system. I am actually porting some gameplay ability features from my UE4 project on top of lyra and I am having an issue with the multicasting built into the SendGameplayEventToActor node. I have an object in my scene that is spawned by the server and when it collides with an actor, i am attempting to send the event to the actor to trigger an ability. This worked in my UE 4 project but is now failing in UE5 Project Lyra. I am using the switch has authority and I am able to validate that the tag/ability configuration is correct because i can get the ability to trigger when I run the netmode of listen server and pass the server pawn in as the actor to send the message to. Every issue i look up related to this is usually someone running the node on the client without sending the event to the server but i can confirm that this is executing server side. Any help is appreciated.

Hi, I’ve recently ran into the same issue where trying to send a gameplay event doesn’t seem to trigger even while being called on the server. I read something regarding ownership, did you find a solution to this? I am also stuck so wanted to know :sweat_smile:

send gameplay event is for abilities activation sole purpose, for messaging use broadcast message subsystem for one actor to another actor,lyra used this for abilities to UI communication see GA_ADS.
Even broadcast messages won’t work for server-to-client messaging. The old inbuilt system “run on client” function is the only option.

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Got it! Seems to work now thank you for the information :heart: I love when people explain their answers.