Project lost with the SSD + question about .pak-files


I had a 0.5 sec power loss in my house today. After restarting my PC my SSD is “unknown” and “not initialized” in the Disk Manager. The last backup of my game is from 3 months ago but my last packed project for beta testers was couple weeks from now. They are safely on my other drives.

It seems I can’t recover my SSD so I was wondering if it’s possible to reverse-engineer the whole packaged game so I wouldn’t have to go back 3 months? My project was/is fully in blueprints so I’m not sure if all those files are now “destroyed” by the packager and made into a bunch of code or what. Would be awesome if the Epic Team would have some sort of “unpacker” for situations like this…

Just a totally shitty situation and I know it’s my fault for not making backups every day… but if I have to go back 3 months instead of two weeks… gasp :frowning: I hope this lesson about the backups doesn’t actually force me to time travel too far to the past.

AFAIK you cannot “recover” anything from a packeged version.

You could contact a data recovery company and see what they may charge.


grab a copy of TestDisk on, iv’e never had a file i could not recover with it unless there is actual damage to the sector the file was on. as for unpacking, there are options out there, but they just rip art, and being the developer, you already have said art. there is no way to unpack levels and code.

Blueprints get compiled to bytecode, there is no way to extract the original graphs from a packaged build.

Oh! Thank you all for the answers. This topic might be a bit old already but I just came to tell that my project didn’t get destroyed. My SSD suddenly started working again and now I’m making backups every day. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you were able to salvage your work. =)