Project lost because of the **** launcher. FML

I had a very important and almost completed arch viz project and I’ve just lost everything. Vanished. Can’t believe it. it’s the **** launcher’s fault!!!

let me explain.

Let’s say my project is called project 1.

I have a few items in my vault. Let’s say I want to add the lightroom demo content from my vault to my project 1. Instead of simply adding the content to my project 1, it also create a lightroom project in my library. (even if I just asked to add lightroom to my project 1)

Now, I wanted to delete old projects. I deleted the standalone lightroom demo…guess what…it deleted ALL projects that had lightroom demo content in it. 3 projects gone when I only deleted 1 project in the launcher.
Better than that…it doesn’t even go to the trashbin…it just vanishes…

Can someone explain me why it’s doing this…I’ve just lost about 2 months of work. :frowning: Can’y believe it.

Can you recover stuff with UE4 autosafe?

Are you 100% sure that all your project were deleted -> have you already checked your unreal project folder? (because it could be that they just disappeard in the launcher) :slight_smile:

I checked. I even tried a recovery software…it recovered over 7000 files but without any folder structure. FML.

Ya I’ve seen this happen to me before. Unreal has way too many bugs in it, so much so that I make a copy of my project after every session. You never know what you will do to break or loose your project so its important to back up every time.