Project Launcher - single map building

link textHi,
I want to build only my entry Maps and the rest load as DLC. The build works and also loading and mounting the http Chunks. But I tried everything… when I choose “minimal Android APK + DLC” and I setup only one MAP in the APK the build is always with a 2 GB OBB. I think finaly I have to set “Package game data in APK” but this is not possible because of the size. I checked my references. I tried it with an empty map. It always builds a massive obb. Anybody knows what could be wrong? Or is there a Problem with the Project Launcher in 4.26?

Ok, I give up… I think this is not possible… Im now trying to migrate my maps in a new Projekt andbuilding my small APK from there and trying to mount in this Project - I hope this works but i think I will get problems with Projectname etc.I dont know… really difficult thing…