Project Keeps Failing to Cook - Package for Windows x64

Here’s the cook error log. Can somebody please tell me what the issue is?…ew?usp=sharing

I already know that there are missing references, but those are redirectors from renaming, moving, deleting, etc. I tried selecting the “Content” in the browser and then selecting “Fix all Redirectors” or whatever, and doesn’t fix anything. I really need to find a resolution for this issue because it’s getting annoying happening again and again project after project. I always end up creating a new project, porting everything over, etc, but that is so time consuming AND I need to rely on my programmers to fix the references. My programmers are on hiatus and I need to get this resolved by the end of this week.

How can I fix these redirectors manually? I can’t believe this redirector issue is still happening after all these patches.