Project keeps crashing. Log has no info?

Hey guys, my projects keeps crashing every time i wanna start it. I have no idea why this happens. You can view the logfile here, but I can´t find any information in it :/. Any help is appreciated.
link text

Thanks, I´ve already tried to delete the FPCharacter, but this didnt work either. But I´ll the the other options :smiley:


Two things that stand our to me are the bits about “DebugString: GetVideoDriverDetailsInvalid” and The Warnings about “Get : ‘DestructibleComponent’ variable not found.”

I’d try updating your graphics cards drivers, also you could temporarily remove FirstPersonCharacter to see if that will let you launch.

To get more information about the crash, In your engine options (in launcher) you can add “Editor symbols for debugging”

With the engine version you want get symbols on: In the Launcher, click the drop-down next to “Launch” and select “Options”. You will find “Editor symbols for debugging” in this menu.

My visual drivers seem to be up-to-date, how can i add Editor symbols for debugging?
BTW: I can open any other project

Thank you, I´ll do this