Project keep getting returned from maketplace review team due to redirectors not being fixed

Hello, my project has been returned from marketplace review team several times for the same only issue they claimed : “Redirectors are present in your project”, they advised me to RMB the content folder and “Fix Up Redirectors”, In fact I’ve been returned about 5 times and I did it every single update, this is what I’d done after every recent project returns:

  1. Download the project directly from the link, open it, RMB Content folder “Fix up Redirectors”, then submit.
  2. Addition to (1), I RMB every sub-folder under Content folder and “Fix up Redirectors”, then submit.
  3. Addition to (2), I migrate the project to a clean project, and Fix up Redirector for every single folder, then submit.

Yet I still got returned for the same issue, and frankly the same advice that I had been doing for every project fix, what have I been missing or overlooked all these time? I checked the project with Filter: Miscellanious > Redirectors everytime and didn’t see a single redirector.

You may have some dangling re-directors somewhere, possibly in project plugins. You can run a commandlet to fix all redirectors and resave the packages for the entire project:

UE4Editor.exe <GameName or uproject> -run=ResavePackages -fixupredirects -autocheckout -projectonly -unattended

Read through the following for more information about redirectors:

Thanks for reminding me of that, I never thought that redirectors may exist in a place other than content folder, found it in a plugin folder. You saved me tons of time.