Project is suddenly using all aviable RAM

Hello guys,

I recently started a project. Saved everything, loaded it later, everything worked fine. Now, if I load it, my PC becomes very unresponsive for a long time and UE4 uses all of my 8GB of RAM. Sometimes the PC even crashes. I have only managed to load it once(so that the editor at least showed) and then it became stuck at loading the assets.
I’m not sure what i can do. The logs don’t show any Out of Memory exception but the Engine gave me one before it crashed. I’m not sure what i can do. I hope you can help me.


I should mention that other projects work fine, even big ones.

I don’t know if this’ll help but I recently had something similar. I changed a default value value in a struct from 25 to 0 and It began freezing up on load. I managed to get back in and changed it back to 25 and it worked again. I don’t if your problem is similar but if you can get back in I’d revert any resent changes