Project is absolutely broken

The project is broken, every actor is squashed by Z axis, my work is done, this project i was working on for 2 months is dead. Is there any way of reverting that?

Is there any way of reverting that?
If you used source control, you can revert to one of previous revisions.

What happened ? (Engine crashes, migrate to newer version…) Does the project worked well before ?

Ok I fixed it by moving all content files to new project. If anyone else has this problem, just move all assets to new made project and setup all the config files how they were there.

Glad to see you fixed it. You sounded very distraught. Just remember to back up your project obsessively – to the point it’s annoying. So many times I’ve lost work because I didn’t feel like stopping for five minutes to back up what I’d done…

This is likely caused by the ‘Near Clip Plane’ setting which can be found inside the project settings.

By default it’s 10.0 and you probably shouldn’t go much lower than 2.0. But just be weary that when you ever change it you may have adverse affects with cameras. Also bare in mind you’ll need to restart the editor for the setting to take effect.

Hope that helps!

Thanks!!!That could have been much worse!