Project Ironwill

Hi everyone,

I’m the founder of Loot Me Studio and i’m proud to show you the first reveal trailer for project Ironwill.

First, i would like to apologize for my bad English, i’m french and i perfectly understand English but i’m not so good to write or speak it.

The game is an sci-fi action adventure game in top down view.
It include :

  • Upgrade system via item loot (no EXP, no LVL) like you can found in a Zelda game for example.
  • Armor system defining mitigation of damage by type (blunt, slash, trust, explosive, energy, poison).
  • Combat are not roll based, if you hit at screen, you really hit, if you raise your shield and block an attack, it’s blocked (if you have enough stamina to sustain the blow and this attack can be block). A powerful blow can send you away like some explosion can blast you.

The game is in a early phase of development and there is a lot of space for improvement but the core of the game is here.

To be transparent with you, i made the game with the following tools :

  • Blender to make 3D Assets, sculpt, UV map and animation.
  • Substance painter + Substance Designer for the texturing part
  • Krita for image manipulation purpose and 2D assets.
  • Audacity, Wavelab LE, Cubase LE and a ZOOM HD1 Recorder for sound aspect

You can see below the first trailer for the game made at the beginning of October.

You can already support the project by your vote on this steam greenlight page

website :
twitter : @LootMeStudio](

Update - November 23, 2016 :

The UI of the game got a complete makeover this month


I also tweeked the see through wall system i used to add a subtle bit of depth on the post processing part of the effect

The alpha trailer is already obsolete, i change a lot of thing everywhere in the game (lot of animation tweaking, added assets and decals for more visual variety, footsteps, tweaked lighting/autoexposure on a lot of area who was more dark than what was intended when i made the video, etc.)

Several new weapon are now integrated for the player, animation are not so good for most of then but they work well : 2 handed sword, 2 handed hammer and spear are in the game.

This month has also see some puzzle added to the game

A lot of other details was added :

  • New attack for the little robot (aka skullbot) who can make a complete swipe around him now.
  • The spider can jump out of the ground on you, and can jump on side or back to avoid blow.
  • Better Sensing of environment in all AI Controller, they will react instantly without any wavering
  • New turret, alternate design and alternate ammunition : rocket, acid, frag grenade, energy grenade.
  • More agility for human like robot who have now a target offset for the upper part of there body. They are deadlier than ever and gain a lot of accuracy with this.
  • Animation for robot with gun has been changed to used the aim offset correctly and the robot can now use a rocket launcher for spicing up the game.

I will try to update this thread more often.

Don’t hesitate to ask me your question on the game or the tech i use ; i will be glade to share with you what i know.

See Through System

Hello Everyone,

Just a little video to show you the new See Through System integrated in project Ironwill :

it use a blueprinted instanced material for the dissolving effect + a post process material for the transparent effect.