Project ideas and development help

So I am making a game compatible with the oculus rift. It will be a maze game from a first person view with some type of collection mechanic.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for objects or features that will require a fair amount of programming and show off what you can do with the programming side rather than using the interface.

These features should be shown off within 5 minutes of gameplay.

I was thinking maybe creating individually designed pickup items, an example would be a teddy bear. Also possibly adding alternative modes through use of the keyboard, such as slowing and stopping time or giving the player the ability to run through walls, maybe even teleport. I realize these would be a lot easier to do in the interface, but for the moment as I say I need to be programming.

Also to be noted this is not about the story or having the features make sense.

Hmm, I personally think that somethink like a toy crane machine would be cool -> you need plenty of bp programming skills :slight_smile:

I like that, it’s exactly the difficulty I need. I imagine it will be a good time filler :slight_smile: