Project Hopping

Does anyone else do what I like to call Project Hopping?

This is when you get bored of one project, or otherwise move onto a different one.

I know this is kind of ‘bad’, because you should focus on seeing a project through to completion which I find challenging, but I often just come up with new ideas I’d rather make, so I work on those for a while, and then a new idea comes up again.

It’s not all bad… It lets me learn lots of different things. But on the other hand, if all that effort went into seeing my best idea through to completion, I might have a good game close to completion. Now, the farthest I’d say I am is a generous 20% into any particular project (for my personal projects anyway, I have completed projects for others without issue, so it’s not that I CAN’T stick with one, it’s just that I don’t… unless I’m doing it for someone). Generally I get all the functionality in place but lose interest around actually adding content to my game.

What are your experiences with this? Has anyone conquered it, or does anyone have any advice? Or, since I’m mostly just a hobbyist anyway, is it not all that big of a deal as long as I’m having fun?

Curious to hear some thoughts

It tends to happen mostly when people are doing something as a hobby…

I would say this is good. It prevents you from trying to bring a project to an end by making it fast so you don’t have to deal with it anymore. A rushed game is never good.

Also it depends on how many projects you’re working on. Hopping between 2 is ok I think. When you’re working on 5 at the same time you might want to think about it.

For me it just comes down to being a perfectionist and doubting my own abilities to live up to the standards I set. But I got some really good advice that being able to see something through is far better than having multiple things of excellent quality that will never be complete.

Nicely worded…

The less you know the easier it is to think you’re almost finished and its time to move on.:slight_smile:
The ante goes up every engine release too, as the bar is raised for UE4 visuals vs. UDK etc…

But if you’re enjoying the work, just keep at it and don’t beat yourself up too much…
Perfection is hard. Realistically, most people fall into the fat part of the bell curve (average).
That means most struggle to get projects to 100% and some may never get to a Magnum opus.

But as long as you’re not half-starting projects like in the cartoon, that you never return to.
That is bad, because it may carry over to other areas of your life and effectively cripple you!

I never complete any project because they usually end up failing to inspire me to continue.

I totally 100% understand what your saying man. I’ve been programming 1/3 of my short life, and have only finished 2 projects out of dozens and dozens. And one was a school project. :^)

I really depends on where you are at in life and what you intend to get out of these projects.

If you are just playing around and having fun learning, then go for it.

If you want to make this a career or take it to the next level, then you are going to need to find the discipline required to see it to the end.