Project HERO

Unreal 4 is here! Weapon with Physically Based Shader.

Hmmm maybe tell moe about your project?

how did you get to that, share some more please, looks very interesting :slight_smile:

I also would like to know what Project Hero actually is. :slight_smile:

Perhaps he’s building suspense?

I guess so lol!

Thank you guys, thanks to all of you.

Project HERO is a new game inspired by one of the legends of the Atari age.
Remember helicopter backpack action?

The game chronicles the events of a rescue mission that went wrong, in a no man’s land dominated by wild militias.
I will keep updating you guys, for now stay with another weapon screenshot.


Good luck with your project! Cool screenshots too :smiley:

Looks cool please share more!

We’ll start sharing some of the project assets, like shader blueprints with sample textures, with the community.
Stay tuned!

Best Regards.
Eduardo Gottschald