Project has been completely wiped, folder structure still present. Please help.

Over the summer I was tasked with designing a demo level in order to show off some features of a plugin I was helping to implement. The project went on hiatus for a few months, but I was just informed things are going to get rolling again. I opened my UE4 today only to be greeted by no listed projects in the menu. I looked up the project in my explorer, and while all the folders are still there, there isn’t a single file in the entire structure.
I definitely didn’t delete this manually, because I knew it was probably something I’d be coming back to. I have a backup, but that isn’t really my concern here. Has anyone had a problem with UE4 project files just vanishing off the face of the earth? Again, every folder is exactly where it should be, it’s just every single folder is empty. I want to figure out what caused this, just in case it’s a problem on my end as opposed to with UE4.