Project guidance : Mad Max Fury Road desert scene

Hi there,

I have a project in ue4 that consists in recreating the desert scene from the movie MadMax Fury Road in VR.
The movie was shot in the Namib Naukluft Park in Namibia (see attached pictures for reference and

Concerning the desert I wanted to have some advices to approach this (I am e beginner to ue4) :

  • Should I use the terrain paint and brush tools inside ue4?
  • Is there plugins that generate complex terrains like this?
  • Can I handle a large desert terrain so it’s feel reel?
  • Is it doable to procedurally generate a terrain like this?
  • What about the textures?

Plus, do you have good resources about terrain creation (desert if exists) inside ue4?

Thanks in advance

Joseph H