Project Generation Window (Right-Clicking UPROJECT): On Error, Don't Close :(

Right now, when you generate project/solution files for a project, if there is an error that occurs during the process, the window instantly closes. And I’ve tried to track down a log for the thing, but I’ve been unlucky in said search.

I was going to do it “real quick” last night, but it seems to be non-trivial, so I figured I’d be like “OH HEY EPIC JUST DO THIS PLZ.”


+1000000000000000000000000 from me. Its very hard to track down what error it was. Atleast a messagebox showing what error it was would be nice.

Bumping this; some way of halting/grabbing the output from the visual project generation window is super helpful; on-error is particularly useful, but sometimes there are some misc. warnings that I completely miss too.

I was unable reproduce this behaviour in 4.19. Would it be possible to attach a log of the error (and/or warning) that you are seeing that you would like the window to say on screen for?

just intentionally muck up a build.cs file; should do the trick.

[EDIT]: Wait, I can’t seem to reproduce this anymore either. And I completely forgot what I ran into earlier that was failing. Also: part of the problem is that as far as I can find (?) there is no output log file from it. So I’ll get warnings that speed by, but I can’t read them in time.

It’s a bug that was introduced in 4.16, and happens when a dependent plugin is missing, perhaps in other cases too. I encountered it still in 4.18 preview.

I posted this bug report over 4 months ago, also started a thread here, and I believe this is now the fourth feedback thread I’ve seen complaining of the issue.
Personally I’ve completely given up wasting my time with Epic and feedback/bug reports, but if anyone wants to follow it up, that answer hub link is probably your best bet since someone responded relatively recently.

Yes, thank you, that is the exact issue I had; eventually figured out how to use a command-line solution to do it, which was surprisingly non-trivial.

I, really, just think it should always stay open until you hit okay, regardless of error or no error, because there are warnings that crop up as well.