Project: Frag Limit

Frag Limit is an online fps game.

looking nice :slight_smile:

Why did you make a new account and thread when in the last one people just said to post pics and most info? Not trying to sound rude and the pics are nice. Just kind of confused unless something happen to it since I last saw it.

Looks very good so far but the Door on the second picture looks a bit undetailed.

I just wanted to get rid of that old thread and start fresh I guess… same account though. When I made the other thread I was nearly finished my level to take screen shots but then I wanted to add a bit more so I completely forgot to screen shot after a while :stuck_out_tongue: and before I knew it like 10 people had said stuff… and it kinda looked bad so a new start was in order.

I know… haha just needed to fix the lighting and the texture a bit. the original texture didnt have a normal map… had to use crazy bump for that.

be careful of the danger of building without planning. its fun to stick rooms and hallways together. but take a moment to design and make the rooms out as a whole before you start throwing up pics and such.

as for criticism:
Good job on learning to import textures and models and get them working in game.
Good job on learning to deal with brushes, size and scaling.

Your actual level that you have show us is so far very basic and as yet “Unreal-ized”. it is at the level of say 1999 halflife 1 style texture and modeling… the danger of making a hallway that long is that it has no life to it. just one large long texture unbroken one end to the other. as such its difficult to even tell what type of building that is suppose to represent. a home? a business? abandoned hotel?

some ideas for your wall to break it up, raise the ceiling and add. .Air Conditioning duct and piping is a great way to make a long area interesting… you can criss-cross pipes and duct work along the ceiling with the occasional pipe or interesting piece of machineary thats appropriate to the setting … throw in some steam from the pipes where one of em connects… . add setting appropriate windows even if they are just boarded up planks of wood or open bay windows or a large open glass style building front…

last but not least, keep experimenting and seeing what works… hope to see future updates!

if your building a home. make it make sense… set down with a peice of graph paper… where the front door… side door? does it have a garage… living room is connected to the? kitchen and den or just kitchen and living room? is the den enclosed or open and connected? how many bathrooms? . if you want to save yourself sometime look up what a building plan for a home… it will give you an idea how things are structured so that your level is believable to the players playing it. scale? fighting in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house isnt very exciting and not alot of room. (this is what we mean by planning… appropriate settings will illicit the response you want out of a player… if something stands out as not right or doesnt fit… trust me they will spot it.

Very nice mate.