Project Fortified

Update - December 2014
After figuring out a few new things about UE4, we spent about two months refreshing all of our environment art and rebuilding our levels. Here are the results! Let us know what you think.

Original Post - August 2014
Just wanted to share some screenshots on this UE4 project we’ve been working on. Its a strategy and base defense shooter set in a retro sci-fi universe. We spent a lot of time getting the visuals to feel like a movie from the 1950s.

The project started out on Unity, but we quickly switched over to UE4 after it was announced at GDC this year. The game is being developed by a very small team (< 10) and we’re planning to release on PC and Xbox One next year.

We’re also showing the game off at PAX this weekend so if any of you are at the event, stop by booth 6816 to check this out. Thanks!

Looks pretty awesome Clapfoot! I love the art style! :smiley:

This looks absolutely fantastic! The Rocketeer-inspiration is awesome, by the way.

it looks fun, good job!

i can’t like this enough, can’t wait to play it

Christ, this looks amazing!

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Fantastic job so far Clapfoot! I really like the old school art style that you are using in this project. Hope that all went well for you at PAX. Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to see much more of this game in the near future!

Just updated the post with the game’s latest visuals.

Great retro art style. Love the jet pack feature!