Project files seem to be corrupted - what to do to repair?

Hello Unreal community. I am in desperate need of help.
Since a couple of hours ago my project files seem to be corrupted somehow. The UE Editor crashed - I believed when saving after making changes to some Blueprint structs. Now the project won’t load anymore but closes with an error message. Deleting the map files lets me start the project in editor but running the project or opening assets crashes the editor again. It seems this happens with all assets and I don’t know how to identify the error or repair the file. I hope someone can help me.
Here is the crash log: link text

Update: The editor even crashes when creating a new actor and trying to open that one for edit.

Happened to me while back, I tried everything I could think off but at the end I gave up and from that point I do regular backups so I don’t have to start over again. Could load the project but as soon as I r-clicked on anything the whole thing just froze and I had to do a hard restart.

I think that project got corrupted somehow, I remember reading about this before but in regards to having a solution, I don’t have one.

I know this is a generic answer but have you tried deleting intermediate and saved folders?