Project files not showing up

I’m currently working with a small group of young designers, we use Perforce as version control for the project.

Untill now it has worked fine, probably because we haven’t used it a lot.
I wanted to work on this project for the using my desktop PC (I haven’t used it in a while for this project) and I encountered a strange problem

For some reason my Desktop PC isn’t showing most of the project files. In fact it is exclusively showing the files that have been created and edited by ONLY my Desktop PC. As soon as a file is either created or edited by another computer such as my laptop, it vanishes from the UE4 contend browser.

This problem seems to be exclusive to my Desktop PC as my team members aswell as my Laptop do not seem to have any problems what so ever

the Project was created using UE 4.23
On my desktop pc and laptop I use UE4.23.1
I tried reinstalling/updating UE
I tried deleting and re- downloading the project files from our perforce server

Thanks in advance for advice