Project files (like meshes) transfer problem

Just wondering if it’s possible to transfer assets from the “Landscape Mountains” from Epic into other projects. I’m brand new here.

Also, I know a little about blueprints, and just the whole creation aspects. (literally like 30 hours of youtube tutorials later…)

Let me know if there’s a way for that. Seems to be locked somehow.

Also, I’m doing my masters. So buying assets is already out of my budget. Sorry… :frowning:

Thanks for the help guys

You need to open the project that contains the assets you want and in the content browser you can use the Migrate option to make a copy of those assets into a different project. The reason you can’t always just copy and paste is that some file references won’t work correctly that way, so Migrate will set up the assets properly.

Perfect, thanks for the help man. I’m assuming Migrate will simple transfer a copy instead of transfer? ill give it a shot.