Project Fate Fake Trailer

Hey guys!
We (one to three guys) are currently doing our first steps in the (awesome) unreal engine and roughly cut together some random clips of tests we’re doing.
Right now it’s all more like a construction site and not really built intentionally with a specific goal (or design direction). It’s just some simplified assets, our character and a little bit of gameplay. BUT we are more than excited to hear what you think about this, since we plan (long term) to build a game around this.
So every comment is welcome and we’d love to hear if you like what you see.

Link to the trailer:


Really like the moves, I have seen some of them from other sources like anime, but none the less it is neat to be able to use and generally interact with them; Rather than just see them.

Honestly if you did a proper recording of that sequence with cinematic mode and none of the viewport junk in it (lighting warnings, editor widget toggles and key bindings) it would be a really good teaser piece that could get interest.

Yeah, to be honest, I was thinking like “What would a teaser for this would look like”, so I ended up recording some footage and roughly edited it. Then I thought “Hmm looks quite teaser like actually… Would a logo add some integrity to it?” … Then I was curious what people would say, that’s why it ended up here and here:

The resonance (on fb) is 100% positive, which was kind of overwhelming. My motivation to keep working on this stuff is pushed again and the next REAL teaser/trailer will be edited professionally of course…
Thanks for you comments, guys!