Project example of the Online Subsystem? (Request/Help)

Hi, Iv’e been trying to comprehend the online subsystem and so far a have a very vague view of what does what. I know there is documentation like this

but it only explains the basics like crating and joining sessions but i don’t know how to implement this into my project. I looked at the shooter example but there is
a lot of junk code that comes with it, also i want to setup something a bit different to the Call of Duty style mutliplayer (Dedicated MMO servers) and i just can’t find
any in-depth documentation on what code does what and what files are necessary ( AGameSession ) etc…

Could someone please offer help/discussion?

The Online Subsystem is meant to be extended by your own implementation or in the case of the Steam Online Subsystem to support Steam.

This plugin “Advanced Sessions Plugin” is probably what you are looking for and gives you access to the functions you need.

So you would either use this plugin or the Steam implementation of the online subsystem or create your own one that extends the base online subsystem.