Project EggBlegh (Mars)

Project EggBlegh

After a nuclear war lays waste to Earth the United Nation of Mars, a collection of Earth super powers, evacuate large portions of their people to Mars in colony ships to finalize colonization of the mostly terraformed planet.


  • Compelling single-player story mode with open world experience.
  • Expansive multiplayer with various game modes
  • Unique battle royale mode (RedZone)

Current Team:

  • Team head: Sean-Paul Divincenzo
  • Concept artists (Character, creature, and props): Dante Barnes

Looking for:
3D Modeler: Someone able to make high quality 3D models of characters, props, environments, etc. (FBX models preferred)
Concept artist: Someone able to design environments and maps.
Music composer: Someone able to create music fitting to scenes described, expertise required: Orchestral, rock, electronic.
Texture artist: Someone capable of making quality textures to be used for various objects.
UI artist: Someone able to design comfortable and user friendly UI elements.

Interested? Contact me at