Project doen't package anymore after directory changes

So I changed my project structure, adding a root folder and moving everything into it inside of the asset browser.

However, UE4 didn’t delete my folders and i manually deleted old stuff in explorer. Which seemed to have broken things, not knowing about updating redirectors yet…

So when i package now, UE complains about not finding files.

The thing is, it still compiles and runs just fine, so why can’t it update those file references???

Any way to correct this manually?

Hello FrederickD,

You may be able to, but to start, can you please upload a log file from one of the sessions where you attempted to package and received these errors? I’ll need to take a look at that to determine what may need to be done.

I manualy transfered everything to a new project.

Still, it is way to easy to mess up your project like that. Not the first time it happens.

A way to manually delete references in the reference viewer would go a long way.

But asset management should be rock solid.

I would be willing to look into the issue and possibly report it as a bug, but I can’t do so without log files and more information. I’m glad that the workaround helped you but if you run into the issue again and would like to have this possibly fixed, please provide me with the relevant information.