Project .dll missing after adding code.

HI folks,

I added code to my project last night - all was fine and running as it should. Fully saved the project and powered down.

I fire it up today and it’s advising that UE4Editor-MYPROJECTNAME.dll is missing.

It asks if I want to rebuild, I click yes and it fails.

I’m using the binary install, not the source.

I’m also tearing my hair out.

this happened with me on 4.6 from github when i tried opening/converting an old project.
does it happen when you start a new c++ project and add code?

No, afraid not.

It’s a binary download of 4.5. Completely vanilla and plugin free, not the source from Github. I do however get the feeling that that in itself might be the issue. It’s happened after I added code to project.

Open your projects solution in Visual Studio, build it there and look what happens. And if it fails and you can’t figure out why, post the errors here so we can tackle it together.