Project Desteria

What is it about ?
You as a player will need to survive a zombie infested state called Kellston, the military had a strong presence inside one of the civilian airports that were overrun by escaped destines. Destines were suppose to be a last resort bio weapon to contain large crowed’s of civilians if they got out of hand but the military did not know what they were messing with. With the destines thriving on human flesh they start gaining abilities to release a toxin into the sky that make night time uncontrollably cold, As the player you will need to go out during the day and gather wood to board up the houses you choose to stay in to survive the night with fire and you will need to find food and water to try and not starve to death, weapons in Project Destieria will mostly be melee weapons as guns are not so hard to find its the ammo that’s the most rare to find.

Planned Features

  • Multiplayer/Coop
  • Inventory System (Would have had this sooner just frustrates me to mess with this)
  • In Game VOIP (When multiplayer is added of course)
  • Improved Player Stats (Rework of what I already have)

Team Structure

  • Mykel (DayzSargent) Lead Programmer, 3D artist, Sound Design Artist (Beginner at sound design)

Requested Talent

  • 3D artist (Requires access to 3D modeling software of some sort)
  • Level Designer
  • Programmer (Requires basic understanding with UE4 blueprinting)
  • Animation Artist

Contact Info

Sounds cool

Thanks Ryan

I see u have sound engineer u will be using Wwise or Fmod tools… or not? (=

Not so often can meet sound artist in the teams but its very important aspect…

No can’t say I have heard of those two things I will have to check them out i’m a beginner at sound design and I use Audacity, I know its not the best but it gets the job done.

hi. what type of level designer you need? indoor our outdoor designer?

Indoor and outdoor.

This is the style I’m going for
getting error posting image directly here so there is a link.

I can help i will email you

hi, how is the project progressing? got anything to show what you archieved so far? or is the project rather dead already?