Project Deadlock

Hello everyone!

We are first year Staffordshire University Students who developed this game for StaffsJam 2018. We however were really taken with the concept, and have decided to take it further, turning it into a more complete game, thus we present Project Deadlock.

Due to there being so many members in the Unreal forums, we’ve come here to get feedback for enhancing both the game and our individual skills. This will in turn enhance our abilities for our Year 2 efforts.

We are open to criticism, and further our pursuit of producing good content.

Below is a very basic trailer, created for StaffsJam, and a link for the download from a Google Drive folder.


Project Deadlock is a Top Down, Rogue-Like Dungeon Crawler.

The town of Qwari is in turmoil. Townspeople are leaving and the village is in complete disarray.
There are rumors of a dungeon that changes its appearance each time an adventurer enters; filled with horrific creatures, deceptive traps and boundless treasures.

Enter the seemingly endless dungeon, kill monsters, retrieve gold and uncover the secrets contained within.



-Randomly Generating Dungeons
-Grid based movement

To Do:

-Further enhance the grid system for fluid movement
-Revive Items
-Enhanced UI
-Enhanced Movement
-Enhanced AI

-Qwari Hometown
-Population System
-Stylised Floors
-Boss Floors, Enemy Textures
-Door & Key

Here is a link to our Google Drive folder for play-testing!

Windows 64-bit

(This is a work in progress, UI and menu requires editing)

Mitchel Turner
Andrew Pearson

Reuben McQuillan has joined the party.

(Alessandra Garber is not going to be continuing with this project, thus far)

Thank you for looking! We look forward to hearing your feedback!