Project "creative company building"

In the tradition of “no more white walls” -even tho with a lot of steel, glass and some concrete- here the concept of a building for a small (about 20 people) creative company: Deviantartlink

It’s broken up stories provide openness and lots of light, but of course on the cost of usable square meter.


The heart of the building is the creative area, open and inviting to cooperate:


But there are also more private areas, here for example used for team-work:


For further details follow the diviant-art link above and click there to enlarge the portrayal.

Looks good man, I think some of your surfaces are too reflective though.

Yes, the floor has to much varnish on it, but the marble walls are ok I think. Decadent, but who cares? :slight_smile:

Decadent doesn’t exist anymore anyways. It’s the new average :smiley:
If you want to give the ‘open’ thing a bit more volume, you might wanna reconsider those blocky stairs.
A bit more elegance on those wouldn’t hurt the future creabees flocking those shiny floors.
To top things off, try to make room for a fully fledged coffee-bar.
Those machines are so 90’s. Nowadays you gotta have those latte’s or people won’t be able to sit down
in comfort. All in all a nice project. Will you pack it into a walkthrough version?

@Chesire: yes, I absolutely agree on you’re statements, these are real good suggestions!

The stairs:
Apart from the “blockyness” of the stairs, my idea for them was to have decadent 2 broad of them, where one would already be enough. Also having them symmetrycally on both sides gives the whole internal space a bit the feeling of a command bridge of a star cruiser or so, look here when you enter the building:


(left steel/glass facade left away for concept purpose)

The coffee problem:

The working area and the office area have a small traditional espresso machines each. You’re absolutely right on the old ugly large coffee automat, but there is a little cafeteria next to the conference area that really could use a large italian high-pressure proffessional espresso machine looking like a steam engine in a modern design.


But that engine would be a design project in itself, I don’t have such a model.

Regarding the walkthru:
I like to focus on the creative process and improve the concept. That’s why I don’t spend time on making it look finished like the classical Archvis and don’t fumble with the lightmass, or spend time baking the light at all. I like to create a concept and transmit the idea of it. Thats why I combine aspects of architecture, interior design and all that.
So no wasting time for me on cooking for a walkthru, or a video. You can call me lazy. But if you want something that does not require much time on my side, just ask.

Oh I’m your corner allright @Vollgasser. I always like the concept stage way more than polishing. If I’d gotten a penny for each of those projects still collecting dust on my drive…well, you get the point :smiley: Kuddos to on shamelessly stocking your scene with Evermotion content. I’m serious. It’s exactly what their stuff is intended for. Wish you’d see that more.
The dual stairs make sense. Nowadays walking more than 10ft is either done in the private park in front of the office cause it creates better synergy, or it’s best left to those not doing really important work anyways.
Whatever your options, you have to have access to them pronto so yes, 2 is better than 1 most def! The stairs are cool in certain ways. They do block off the space and provide enclosure to parts of the office.
A lot of people value this in a working space. From a purely architectural pov, the design would benefit more from open staircases. Always tricky to satisfy both ends.

@Chesire: yes, thats absolutely what my idea was for the dual stairs: lazyness, decadence, short ways, broad enough for 2 people passing each other.
Would you like to walk over 10 meters to the stairs and then back again the same distance on the lower level if you can have that shortened by half? ME not!

The Kudos for the high-poly models has to go to my 5 year old 1 GB graphic card, who can handle 2 TFlops similar to a Cray of the 1980s.

I think i seen almost this layout in NCIS show their main office is like this.
Also those huge glass walls, sun would fry everybody inside during summer.

@Nawrot: you obviously have not understood the 4 level concept of this design. please look at the deviant art link if you don’ get it from those pics here.

The NCIS office…as far as i remember is a pain floor with one level above it for the mission/tactical room. Then their basement is …a traditional basement.
So that has nothing to do with the design of mine.

Regarding the heat in the summer: yes there is a climate control system in it, you can see its pipes above the creative area in the backoffice levels ceiling.

Ground floor with first floor and those stairs on sides, I am almost sure i seen this in NCIS.

There are many construction errors in this, for eg those huge steel frame walls (those with windows), if you do not reinforce structure with some inside frame (like for eg bridges do) this stuff will bend. More, with right wind speed and direction it will get into interference state, such thing will just bend whole wall. Also heating up (or cooling down) such big space where you are using 50% space compared to normal 4 floor office in same cube is waste of money. Interior is made like amphitheater, everybody and everywhere will hear those 2 guys chatting about some silly stuff.

What i mean here that this has many small errors (you are obviously not architect nor construction engineer) all those small errors together sum up into unbelievable scene. And archvis is all about making believable visualizations. I am sure some architect could point out much more than me. But that is not the point. One making archvis should not worry about those technical details, instead he\she should get blueprints and pictures of some interesting place and make visualization of it.

Your stuff looks more like it belongs to game level than archvis.

Regarding the similarity to NCIS office space, well see for yourself: they have a traditional staircase leading up to first floor with traditional hallways and doors to enclosed rooms up on 1st floor:


The steel-glass fassade is supported not only by the massive steel bars within throughout, but also by a strong columns in the corners of the front side. You would see that in the deviant art link pics. Also the side fassades of the building have concrete frames on the back, on the ceiling and foundation. That combinaton gives enough strengh against wind forces.

Also I am aware of the waste of usable space in this design, as i wrote already in the introduction " It’s broken up stories provide openness and lots of light, but of course on the cost of usable square meter." So i don’t know if you just did not read this, or what is youre point in criticising this? It’s like someone makes a “leightweight design” and then someone criticises the leightweightness.

Regarding the sound, thats a good point, even tho i don’t think the effect will be as dramatic as in a amphitheater. The general open design is not only optically, but made to encourage cooperation. To support this it helps if you get to know what the collegues do, esp. in the center creative area, and each one could contribute. So with this design many other workplaces can hear and learn what is going on there, e.g. possible change of plans.
This is not a cube farm. But some slideable, movable “sound-walls” (maybe semi-transparent) might be optionally put it e.g. at the office area to have more quiet spaces if needed.

I don’t know where you got the “rule” for ArchVis from that it has to be " he\she should get blueprints and pictures of some interesting place and make visualization of it."? So by you’re definition that restricts it to copying existing buildings.
Do you really think each ArchVis house is really built or for each does even exists worked-out blueprint plans? Me not, and I am not bound by this definition.

Vollgaser, I’m not sure why you keep posting on these forums. You don’t listen to any criticism and you keep saying you’re “not bound” by any of these restrictions we place on ourselves, like you’re some genius new-wave designer that we should all admire. There are people here that have put a lot of time and effort into learning about architecture including myself. As an Architectural Technologist with a building science diploma, I can assure you this design will not work. 80% of the building is a thermal bridge, there is not one mechanical engineer that would even consider designing a HVAC system for this building, you can’t just throw a few ‘pipes’ in the back and call it done.

I get that it’s fun to design without limits and let your imagination run wild, but this is a forum for architectural visualization. People here pride themselves on noticing every little detail. When you come in with designs that will not work structurally, mechanically, or architecturally there’s not too much we can say about it. Your work is interesting and fun, but you can’t just dismiss people who’ve worked for years/decades learning architecture. The criticism isn’t against you as a person, it’s just that you’re not knowledgeable enough in the field of architecture yet.

As I said already i focus on the creative process and like to create new ideas and designs. I do not focus on the technical aspects or asked for real-world correction by Architects.
It’s for the fun of creating stuff, and I hope you have not lost that.

I haven’t lost the creativity otherwise I wouldn’t be here, and like I said I appreciate where you’re coming from. I don’t think what you’re doing is bad or uncreative, I just think you posting on the ArchViz forum and totally disregarding any criticism isn’t working for you. In architecture there’s a lot more to think of than just being creative, remember, form follows function.

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