Project crashes when looking for GetSocketLocation

My project crashes here:
auto StartLocation = Cast(this)->GetSocketLocation(FName(“Projectile”));

“this” is an actor and the socket “Projectile” exists on the blueprint version of the class, on a static mesh.

Second Question : Earlier, I could simply go this->GetSocketLocation(FName(“Projectile”)). But, now, this is the only way member functions are detected. Has something been changed from the earlier versions? I used to work on VS2015 where this wasn’t an issue. Is this part of IWYU?

Thanks for the support!

Got it to work… Interestingly, I had to go through the pointer to the mesh to which the socket was attached instead of the actor itself to get it to work.That wasn’t the case in previous engine versions if I recall correctly. Although I don’t have the right socket location, i am getting there!