Project Crashes upon startup

It looks like there is nothing interesting in that log.
Well, did you used any svn/perforce/etc for that project? If yes, try to restore previous version of last changed files. If not - use it for futher work.

Additionally you can try to remove engine shaders cache files (somewhere in appdata/local) and restart editor.

It is also possible that your changes broke something in map where they used. If this is default map, try to open project with another default map, by changing “editor startup map” in ini file.

As an option - create new project and move content files into it.

I was working on my project a few hours ago, saved and exited as per normal. Now each time I open this one particular project, I receive the crash error message after it loads to 79%. This doesn’t happen with any other file. The only thing I have done differently today is adding some extra expressions to some materials, but the program didn’t crash when I did this. It only crashes upon startup. I hope I can get help soon, as this is a school project due tomorrow. :frowning:

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Usually you violated some rules. I only know how to recover from this is code not blueprints. I sugest to figure a way to get rid of errors. And learn version cobtrol