Project crashes on startup on other computers

Hey no problem, I definitely appreciate the time and effort on your part!

Yes my other projects open fine, as well as a blank project. It’s just this particular one. I have copied the project on this problematic machine back to the PC that works, and it opens fine.

So basically you’re right- That there’s something inconsistent in this particular project. I tested it on a brand new installation of UE4 on my laptop and it doesn’t open there as well.

If I roll back and checkout a previous branch before the commit with the UMG/UI implementation was created, then it opens fine. So I’m guessing something within that is cuasing it… but not sure. Was hoping logs or something could be more precise in pinpointing it.

Interesting but weird… That’s progress at least. I suggest closing this out as answered and opening a new question based on this new information. This comment section is getting a bit narrow anyway. But first you might play around and try to figure out what part of the content is causing the problem. Mention me in the question or a comment and I’ll get a notification – I think @Jin_VE works. Or message me on the forums with a link, same name.