Project crashes on launch - 4.4

Hello !
My project crashes on launch , the error is not very specific , just :


We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please send this crash report to help improve our software."

An hour ago I was working on that very same project with no problem , last action I did was to paint some grass with the foliage tool , and then remove it . Closed the editor normally . I stepped out for awhile , I didn’t even turn off the PC , and when I came back the project can’t be opened .
I’m very new to working with any engine , so I hope someone can help me . I have the 4.3 version of the project , a few days old , that opens fine . Also seems like the LandscapeMountains project from the marketplace also can’t be opened (before it could ) . I tried verifying , and reinstalling 4.4 , didn’t help .
I’m ataching latest log file and dxdiag .


So … I resolved the issue . I changed the default editor start map in the DefaultEngine.ini to another of my maps , and it started . Then i loaded the problematic map and it didn’t crash . Changed the default map back again just to test it out , and it still starts normally . I really don’t know what happend , and how did the issue occur or how it was resolved .

I’m gonna try this out now.

my project keeps crashing too.

didn’t work for me. what settings did you change exactly?

In the problematic project’s folder , go into Config and open up DefaultEngine.ini and find the line “EditorStartupMap” there should be a path to one of your maps , change that to a different one , maybe the startermap or any default one , in the game/maps folder . That’s what I did , I still have no idea what caused it , and maybe your issue is a different one . Good luck !

I am having the same issue even with a fresh UE4 install (this fixed the problem the first time) and freshly created project from the ‘Platformer’ game in the marketplace. This has been really discouraging.

Following the steps provided has fixed my problem. Hope it holds…

What if I never saved on a new level. I (stupidly) just kept using the default level and never renamed it. So the only level in my project is the default one. Any other work around?