Project crashed during compile and cant be re-opened

I was compiling my BP project, but during last compile it crashed and cant be opened anymore - it always sending reports to Epic. Is there any chance to restore data (BP mechanics especially) and transfer it to the new project, or it’s completely dead?

UE4 4.10

EDIT Solution for me:

  1. create a new empty project
  2. copy Content folder from old project into newly created one
  3. create a new level, save it and restart the engine!
  4. now you should open your blueprints, previously created levels, don’t forget to change GameState and other stuff in the project settings

The Blueprint (s) you were compiling probably was corrupted. I would try to move these files from the Contentfolder to some backuplocation and replace it by some of the autosaved or backuped older versions of the file (which should be in the saved folder) - just make sure the file were saved before the crash occurred. Sometimes, when something in a level got corrupt its also enough to not open the last level on startup or remove that level.


  • Try updating to 4.12.3 and seeing if you still have the same error.
  • Ensure that your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  • Make a copy of your project first, then delete the Saved and Intermediate folders from your project and attempt to open it again.
  • If none of these suggestions work, please provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder and also provide your Machine ID from the Crash Reporter window.

Hello, Sean. Thanks for your answer, I will check your ideas tomorrow, today I am very busy with work. I will write an update here

Hi, aWinter,
I will check your idea as well! Thanks for posting. I will leave an update tomorrow.

Hello Sean, I have installed the latest version of the engine, but an error is still there. I have done all the steps you described. Please find ID and logs


I still need some more time to check your advise, just not to mess up with backuped files

Is there any other possibility to fix it?

just create a new project and replace your content folder with an old one, should open your old stuff.

hey, I can open a project, but it’s crashing when I am trying to open any of the blueprint and levels, so it’s not so easy…

aaaand after reloading the newly created project for 5-7 times I have created a new empty level and somehow it’s became possible to open blueprints and run the project now with an older levels. So, I will accept your answer, but as a result it’s not clear what happened, why and how it fixed now)

unfortunately, backup stuff didnt helped

for me it happens when UE4 is compiling and i force it to shut down throw ctrl_alt_delete, i am glad your bp’s are reusable now. Good luck!