Project craches on play (4.17 preview)

Converted project from 4.16.
Just after opening project pressed “play”.
Maybe to soon to report, but considering how often my project crashes for any reason I hope in 4.17 it would be much text
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OK, version 4.16 which yesterday was working fine (no errors, building in shipping mode) today also crashes.
So how to debug such a project when even when I try to open any blueprint or event trying to migrate content causes crash.
I have no clue where to start.
Similar thread mentioned something about media files - I removed them all, another about construction script - at this point can’t even debug this.

I’ve made couple of tweaks:
removed data table, in related bps I’ve made data table as variable, added validation.
Brought back data table - now it is still crashing, but additionally when I try to delete this data table.
I know I can delete this in windows explorer, i just wanted to show how crazy it gets.

Now it crashes when I try to access “Maps & Modes” in Project settings

After deleting Intermediate, Autosave and cache from C:\Users\Gomo\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine - still crashing.
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It seams like a class with my custom components (BP) are crashing.
One of them is doing nothing except holding variables.
I renamed this class in explorer - stripped from everything and renamed back - no crashes but nothing works.

It seams I’ve managed to fix everything.
To clear that out - at some point my project was even crashing on project startup.
To specify which one - I looked at call stack - then deleted most suspected one, then tried to remove any leftoever references and after that to bring him back. I had to make such corrections for multiple blueprints.
The main problem probably was referencing multiple various blueprint across other.
To specify:
I had one AIControler Class in which I was referencing a custom BPComponent, which was used in two main BPs, one derived from Pawn, and other from Character (It was a Brain-like logic component). Also I was also referencing Actor BP used in levels to manage logic between controllers and Pawns.
And apparently it was wrong approach.
It seams due the some reasons (I guess due order of compiling blueprints: components, and controllers before actors) it can’t be done in such way that Controller or Component references other blueprints as a variable.
So I had to move almost all my logic from controller to component, remove all references to other blueprints (mostly variables, but sometimes casting also were causing problems) and replace it with interface calls.
It took me several days to rewire everything, many of my mechanics was destroyed but at least no crashes.
Right now I brought back almost all my mechanics, and project is packaging successfully.
Along a way I’ve discovered that also using references in AI related blueprints also crashes engine (especially if you make one parent and subclasses).
Also using data tables were causing problems - I was referencing them in controllers - and it seams it is also a bad idea.
So in short - Interfaces instead of referencing other blueprints (if you need some variables - store the as actors, pawns or controllers).

Unfortunately it only helped with 4.16 build.
Dump and Logs for 4.17 preview 2:
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On 4.17 preview 3 it does not crash any more.