Project Convoluted by 4.10 conversion, XCode, Mac

I downloaded 4.10 a few days ago and installed on my Mac OS X, XCode 7.1 installation. Opening my 4.9.2 project, I selected to make a copy to convert. When the conversion finished. The project can be opened, but the 4.10 version points to the 4.9.2 version’s (and folder) source code. Using the 4.10 versions xcodeproj file to open and start the editor in debug mode (this is the only way to work on a C++ project on a Mac due to still failing hot reloads), will still use the 4.9.2 source code even though you are in the 4.10 versions source in XCode. There were convoluted paths in the XCode project, but even correcting them does not fix the problem. The Editor still points to the 4.9.2 source. As an example, if you Add C++ Code to project, it adds the new class into the 4.9.2 directory rather than to the 4.10 directory.

I have found no workaround other than to fall back to using my 4.9.2 copy and Unreal 4.9.2. It is the only way I can continue to work on the game.

Aside from just reporting this, I do have a question. Where would I find the paths in the project such that I can attempt to correct them manually.

Hello eagletree,

This is certainly an odd issue. One thing I would be interested to try would be to move the original project and see if the new project is still able to point to it. Also, have you tried deleting the Binaries / Intermediates for the new project and regenerating your visual studio project files? I’m not aware of where the paths are defined so I’ll need to look into that.

Thanks very much for the response. You give some more things to try.

It is Mac/XCode, is there a “regenerate” files for XCode? I am not familiar with any.

There was a bad path in the XCode configuration, but that didn’t fix the problem. It looked to me like there must have been some sort of path stored in the Editor portion of the project.

I will attempt moving the project directory.

I did delete intermediate as a test, but not binary. I will do so in a couple of hours and get back.

Wasn’t thinking about that it was mac, I apologize. You can generate project files by using Command + Click (or right-click) on the .uproject file and selecting it under Services.

I did as you recommended with a couple of additional cautions, and it fixed it. I copied the file, then renamed it (the folder) and its uproject and xcodeproj files to the new name. Then I opened the Epic Launcher and fired up 4.10. I then manually opened the copied project and let it create a copy as it likes to. The copied (copied) project converted and opened correctly. I did a test to be sure by opening XCode from the Editor, and making an innocuous change, closed the whole works and that change was made to the source directory that matched the project directory.

Thank you, I’ll it as solved.

Actually I just realized I can’t it solved, could you post as an answer?

I found that this problem was not fully resolved. I wasn’t making any blueprintable variable or function changes until today. That meant I had to open the editor from XCode as you must with the mac version of UE4. When I did this, compiling the editor from XCode caused the version of the editor to load 4.9.2 again. I think there is something still wrong with the conversion code. I can’t remove the accepted status, but could you please ask someone to test converting a 4.9.2 project to 4.10 and then opening the editor from XCode.

Hello eagletree,

I got the same results when attempting that. It would open a 4.9 version of the project instead of 4.10 even after conversion.

I believe I found the problem. When you convert a project from 4.9 to 4.10, if you manually Generate Project Files after that, a .xcworkspace file should appear instead of replacing the .xcodeproj file. If you open that rather than using the .xcodeproj, it should open the correct version. As it seems that we’re ignoring xcodeproj files with the latest versions, I’ll be asking around if this is intended behavior or not and let you know.

It turns out that, while the change to .xcworkspace from .xcodeproj was intended, the fact that the conversion didn’t generate project files automatically after converting was not. I’ve placed in a bug in for that to get fixed under the number UE-26641. Please let me know if using the .xcworkspace file works correctly for you.

I will test that out right away. I didn’t think to. Thanks for the attention to this.