Project Controle

Hello everybody;

This is the very first post about the Project Controle (“control” in portuguese). We were making the game in UDK3, but with the release of UDK4 we’re making all the port and updating the first level demo; And intent to put this in kickstarter very soon next year.

The game is about, well, games and lots of stuff. The idea behind is make a very simple and fun game, but with a meaning on mass control media concepts. And beyond that, the game will show how the medias (tv, games, News) can influence/change our choices.

The Gameplay is based in stealth and platform puzzles involving boxes, buttons and switches. Level exploration will be featured as a sub-theme as well. And finally, the game will have the avatar and player aspects implemented in gameplay directly, giving to the player power to modify the level and environment in some points, like creating switches, levers or boxes.

The first two screens is on UDK3 and botton ones, from UDK4.

Looks really cool! I like the concept, very interesting.

Thank you for the reply…we’re moving from UDK3 like 2 weeks so, little by little we’re putting all together again. Soon we will have a gameplay video!

Sounds like you’re managing the transition well! Look forward to the gameplay video.

How are you all doing?
Now we’re doing some testings with Depth of Field (DoF) for a good balanced view from the avatar and foreground.

We’re using now the number 2 option

Great job so far andrezildo! Very excited to see this ported into UE4. Keep up the fantastic work and hope to see more as you progress in your development!

Thank you so much! We hope for, at this pace, the full demo until end of this year…
Next step is a gameplay video for advertisement…

Hello, everybody! We’re getting some time busy with the port form UDK3 to new UDK4…And now, at last, there’s more updates with new render config and now with lights and new textures. We changed and updated some details from the textures for a better ambiance. Now, looking more colorful and vivid.

Thank you for the visits!

And now for comparison. When using UDK3 and now with UDK4… The new updates, puts a lot more living and feeling on the stage.

Thank you, everybody!